Vinyl Die-Cut Design & Decor

My name is Kimberly Smith and I have recently relocated from Toronto to Stittsville with my wonderful husband and awesome 13-year-old son. (TEEN....YIKES!)  The name, His Great Design is the result of my Christian faith and was inspired by God's awesome design and plan for our lives. It is Christ's example that has encouraged me to create a humble business foundation based solely on sharing the gifts God has blessed me with, and using them to encourage others.  

During the 2015 Christmas season, I began making my own personalized die-cut vinyl Christmas gifts. It wasn't long before people who saw these items were requesting my contact information, as they were interested in having a custom frame or mirror made. Then, some of my friends and family 'tagged' me on facebook and posted pictures of the items that I made. I received a lot of positive response from my designs and I decided to create my own facebook page. 

I take great pleasure in creating custom designs that make people happy! I have just recently revamped His Great Design from my past graphic design business that offered website design, logo & personal branding, marketing material, and content writing into a smaller business, focused strictly on vinyl die-cut designs.

I have always had a flare for the "creative arts", especially design, writing and dance.  I like to serve others in my community and in areas involving children and individuals with exceptionalities.  My varied education and background involves extensive Business Administration, Corporate Communications, Early Childhood Education, Creative Writing & Design, Makeup Artistry, Leadership Development, the Anti-Bullying Coalition and working with the developmentally handicapped in the York Region District School Board. 

As an Adult with ADHD, I have managed to take a "disability" and turn it into something positive. By harnessing the unique way my brain processes things, I am able to take the endless thoughts, ideas, and unique perspectives in my "fast mind" and turn that passion and energy into "art".  However, organizing my life on a daily basis, is another story...LOL!