Vinyl Die-Cut Design & Decor

Vinyl decals have been around a long time and have been most commonly used in advertising. This includes both printed vinyl and die-cut vinyl.  Printed vinyl is simply a high quality, full colour image printed directly on to any size vinyl.   

Die-Cut vinyl, however, has a sharp, almost crisp hand-painted look to it.  Die-cut vinyl images have no background.  The background you see behind the vinyl design is whatever you apply it to.  The negative space is removed in a process called "weeding", which can be very time consuming if it is a very detailed design.  

The vinyl is cut from pre-coloured sheets or rolls of vinyl, a single colour at a time. However, multiple colours can be layered during the application process.  

There has been an increased popularity of vinyl being used for decorating purposes.  Today, die-cut vinyl wall lettering and art has become a powerful tool for self-expression, helping people decorate their homes with visual representations of themselves and their families.